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Victoria specific bushwalking discussion. Please avoid publishing details of access to sensitive areas with no tracks.
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Winter Overnight Hikes - No Snowshoes

Sat 10 Aug, 2019 11:04 am

Hi Everyone!

A couple of friends and I are keen to head out for an overnight hike next weekend, and are keen to try snow camping for the first time. We are all experienced (just not in snow environments!), and are up for the challenge.

Initially we were thinking about going to Mt. Buffalo and walking up to Mt. McLeod, however we don't have snowshoes and that walk seems to require the use of them.

What are some overnighters in Victoria that people would recommend for first time snow campers?

Thanks! :D

Re: Winter Overnight Hikes - No Snowshoes

Sat 10 Aug, 2019 11:15 am

Hi Alex,
Unless you ski any snow walk will require snowshoes. A definite is that walking in boots on groomed trails is an absolute no no!
Myself being a skier someone else should provide you your equipment advice on the snow walking caper.
Maybe somewhere like Razorback Huts at Mt Stirling would be the go. Not all that far to get there from Telephone Box Junction (TBJ).

Re: Winter Overnight Hikes - No Snowshoes

Sat 10 Aug, 2019 11:46 am

A regular introduction to snow walking is the Bungalow Spur to Federation Hut. Conditions will determine whether or not it is prudent to continue to the Razorback/Feathertop Track junction. From there to the summit should be taken with care as the cornice on the southern side is a proven danger area.

Re: Winter Overnight Hikes - No Snowshoes

Sat 10 Aug, 2019 1:24 pm

Easiest intro is either Lake Mountain or the Baw Baw.

Re: Winter Overnight Hikes - No Snowshoes

Sun 11 Aug, 2019 6:58 am

I have done a few snow trips without snowshoes. One we got caught out with a freak deep dump on Howitt, two - we took them off because the snow was so fresh and deep we were just sinking anyway and then had to drag a heap more snow up with every step and three was a broken snowshoe. None of them would be called a fun trip. Check the forecast for the coming weekend and then think again. At the moment the snow is deep and fresh so without some aid on your feet you will be sinking a long way. If we get a freeze thaw happening later this week then that could change. Frozen in the morning and knee deep after 11am. The snow line is around 1000m at the moment but will recede to 1200m this week on north facing areas IMO. South facing may hold a bit longer. Sticking to areas where the cover is 30cm or less may be a possibility.

Re: Winter Overnight Hikes - No Snowshoes

Sun 11 Aug, 2019 12:07 pm

Don’t go without snowshoes. Easy to hire. Mt Stirling is good cos there are huts and it’s patrolled and there are clearly marked trails. I wouldn’t try the Razorback to fed hut and the summit without experienced friends. Tripping on snowshoes on a slope is a risk, or not keeping to the ridge in avalanche terrain etc.

Otherwise, Suggest you go with experienced people who can navigate or keep safe in bad conditions.

And don’t skimp on the equipment or clothing, including snowshoes.

Take some kid of emergency device like a plb.

Re: Winter Overnight Hikes - No Snowshoes

Mon 19 Aug, 2019 7:43 pm

Hi, I had a very similar experience to xplora. A good one if you are wanting to give snow camping a go is Mushroom rocks/ Mt Erica. The camping area at Mushroom rocks sits at about 1250m and you can keep going further up the track as far as your experience/desire and conditions will allow. No snowshoes are needed although it does get muddy and icy in places and care should of course be taken in the alpine regions.

Re: Winter Overnight Hikes - No Snowshoes

Tue 20 Aug, 2019 6:23 pm

If the snow is low and deep like at the moment, snowshoes above Mushroom Rocks are very helpful! But yes you can stop and turn around once you are sick of post-holing!

Re: Winter Overnight Hikes - No Snowshoes

Wed 21 Aug, 2019 8:33 am

A few weeks ago Mt Erica rd had snow down about 1/2 way. Trees down every 50m, too much to clear, plenty of mud and slush from cars slipping and sliding. Powder was deep enough to sink 6 inches with snow shoes on.
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