from Melbourne to Cradle Mountain

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from Melbourne to Cradle Mountain

Postby bobbydee » Fri 19 May, 2017 6:42 pm

Hi all, How can I organise my time best to get from Melbourne to Cradle Mountain and lake st Claire back to Melbourne?
I'm finally preparing to do the overland track next feb and my mate and I are trying to figure it out. We have considered the spirit of Tasmania with a car, but it will probably mean an extra day or two which we don't have. Ideally, we would catch a plane to Tassie, bus to Cradle mountain and then start our walk the same day.... then on the way back we would get a bus from lake st Claire back to the airport and fly home. it would be nice if a small bag of clean clothes was waiting for us too (airport locker?).
I'm sure heaps of you have done this, can anybody help us out with a suggested itinerary?
any help is appreciated.
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Re: from Melbourne to Cradle Mountain

Postby Nuts » Sat 20 May, 2017 1:37 pm

No worries, I can spare the few secs.

The ferry isn't a bad option, organising your car transfer down to LSC will add time (and expense).

The attachment below includes a list of the transport providers. The larger bus companies (Tassielink/Redline) don't return direct LSC-Launceston so you will need to use a smaller operator for that leg (to save the time returning via Hobart).

You could work flights in with the Bus timelines or alternatively work around the smaller operators bookings to join other walkers (and save some $, probably more luck closer to the date). The quickest commercial option will be to organise one of these private charters just for yourselves.

Most of these companies have some facility to either store extra gear and/or bring it to LSC to meet you. I believe the Transit Centre bus terminal in Launceston may have general hire storage available / that the Launceston airport doesn't.

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Re: from Melbourne to Cradle Mountain

Postby kitty » Sat 20 May, 2017 2:48 pm

Like Nuts says, quickest way is private charter. So if time and convenience is a big factor, this is a good option as the private charter can pick you up from Launceston airport, drive you to Cradle Mountain, keep your luggage safe while you are walking, then pick you up at Lake St Clair and give you your luggage back and drive you to airport. Enjoy.
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Re: from Melbourne to Cradle Mountain

Postby Mark F » Sat 20 May, 2017 4:05 pm

Overnight ferry to Devonport - drive to Cradle and start walking. In summer the boat gets in about 6am on days when it does day and evening sailings.You are away from Devonport by 7-7:30 and at Cradle by 9-10am. At Lake St Clair charter back to Cradle. If you get there by 2-2:30 then back to Devonport and overnight boat to Melbourne. No need to stop to buy fuel. Get your Parks pass on the ferry. However you do it you will need an extra day to your walking days.

I go over on the boat about once a year. Two years ago I was at Herods Gate in the Walls for lunch. This year I was at Friendly Beaches for the first night after a couple of walks in Weldbrorough/Blue Tiers.

Edit: I should add that as long as the plastic cap is on any gas canisters they can now remain in the vehicle rather than being put on a special trolley for collection at the other end.
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