Squirreling away....

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Squirreling away....

Postby Zzoe » Mon 05 Mar, 2018 10:21 am

Hi All

Our family of four is having a decent wander on the Bibbulmun Track this August/September. We'll be going for between four and five weeks.

I've done a fair bit of meal dehydrating in the past but not more than four meals at a time (ie the week before a four day hike I've prepared the meals we'll need and stored them in the pantry). Because it gets damp over winter I'm hoping to make a good start on all these meals well in advance. I wondered if anyone here had any tips about making larger quantities of meals and storing them months in advance of using them? I had been thinking it might be good to invest in a very small cabinet freezer to store things in.

The type of things we dehydrate are vegetable sauces, fruit leathers, spaghetti bolognese, lots of kangaroo mince and jerky, hommous, risotto etc.

Any advice would be very welcome!
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Re: Squirreling away....

Postby Warin » Wed 07 Mar, 2018 8:20 am

Fruits are a thing I try to buy in season - when they are cheapest. So I do dehydrate these well in advance!
I vacuum seal them in plastic, then put them in the freezer.

If I ran out of room in the freezer then I'd put them in a cool dark place.
But I would always cycle them through the freezer for a week as an added bug killing thing.
I would tend to retain anything that has fat in the freezer (mince meat for example), placing fruits and nuts outside the freezer.
I tend to vacuum seal individual components rather than combine things into meals, think that helps.
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